Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sabbath Selebrations

Yesterday, after Sabbath School and church, we had a special celebratory lunch for a lovely young Korean couple who were recently married.  They attended the church before my time, have been back to Korea to get married, and are now back in Tasmania. I had not met them before, but we all enjoyed a happy time of food and fellowship.  Here are some of the church folk (and the happy couple on the right)...
we always have such an abundance of food!

I took vegies with chopped walnuts and parsley... 

The three little baby blankets I've been working on recently are finished and ready to be packaged up and mailed off to the relevant charity...
I might start another one tonight as one of the charities for March is also asking for baby blankets...and I really enjoy making them :)

Read this poem recently in one of my devotional reads and I thought I'd share it with you...
The path was veiled! The Master's will was hidden,
And further progress for the time was stayed;
But in good time he would again be bidden
And, waiting meantime, he was unafraid.

Then came that night when, maybe, softly sleeping,
The vision came-- the clarion call to move;
And once again, with all in God's good keeping,
He could step forth, God's faithfulness to prove.

No human voice conveyed the word of leading;
No human hand was sent, his way to guide;
No human heart full knew his depth of needing,
Or could assist him to his steps decide.

And so, without to other minds appealing,
"Assuredly" he "gathered" now God's will,
Yet-- to his inner soul there came revealing--
He started forth, God's purpose to fulfill.

Perhaps, O soul, thou waitest for His leading,
Thy longing heart His further will would'st know;
Rest thou in God: His ear hath heard thy pleading,
The "further steps" He yet to thee will shew.

Keep looking Himwards-- He alone can lead thee;
Nor count from choicest friends thy way to glean;
He knoweth best where He Himself doth need thee,
And He can lead thee on by means unseen.

"Assuredly" thy longing heart shall "gather"
The guidance thou dost long for; therefore wait;
Fret not thyself! Ah, no! But learn this rather--
God's guidance never comes to us too late.
--J. Danson Smith.

And on that note I shall "start forth" on my afternoon walk...



  1. Nice little baby blankets Lynda .

  2. That salad looks so good! I may copy that...

    1. It was left over roast vegies (potatoes, carrots, onion, garlic, sweet potato, pumpkin, capsicum, beetroot) from the previous night. I added the small amount of leftover beans and broccoli and sprinkled with chopped walnuts and parsley. We re-heated it for the meal.

      It was good...even if I do say so myself :) xx