Monday, February 27, 2017


I've been moving the leftover firewood from last winter...

To the side of the woodshed...

So I've got space for the new load of wood I'm getting delivered this week...

Then I'll really get a workout... :))


  1. Your orderly woodshed does my heart good. Here in England, we are just coming to the end of our winter. We slightly under-ordered on wood, and are ekeing out the last of it now. The last logs are problematic, because woodlice and spiders creep into the nooks are crannies of the logs nearest the ground, and it's unbearable if they get caught in the fire. We bang the longs hard to shake them free when we gather a pile to bring in, and stand them near the stove where they'll get uncomfortable hot to encourage little creatures to leave - but it makes the whole thing more worrying and less enjoyable. x

    1. It doesn't always look that good :))

      The last of the wood was what was here when I moved in. A lot of the wood was not good and also BIG, so Ben split the logs when he was here. My woodheater is an east/west (logs go in sideways, not front to back), so can only fit smaller pieces. I would never busy one like that, but it was here...and I'm grateful for it in winter.

      You are very kind to small creatures! I am kind too, if they are outside, but I'm afraid if they come in my house they quite often will have to die if they are BIG spiders or moths and I can't catch them and put them outside. I do feel bad about it, but it's them or me... xx

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    1. You could always come on over and help me stack it :)) xx