Thursday, February 23, 2017

Words on Wednesday

Although it will be Thursday when I post this (to link in with Yarn Along), but I'm typing it up on Wednesday...and I think for some of you it is still Wednesday...

Been crocheting baby blankets for charity.  On to my third...they are only 60 cm squares, so quick to do, and I am using up bits and pieces of colourful yarn I have here...

Reading 26 Grains from the library. It might be a 'buyer'!
And Stranger in my Home from the church library. Written in 1974 and very interesting!
Also started knitting a scarf/cowl in the handspun yarn I bought recently.  Not sure how far it will go, I only have one ball, so it will probably end up being a cowl.

And cooking beetroot/redbeet from the garden...

C'est la vie!



  1. I love those colourful blankets! Stranger in My Home does sound very interesting indeed. Thanks for your encouraging comment on my post!

  2. Hi Christine! I really enjoy crocheting the colourful little baby blankets :)

    And the book is continuing to prove very intersting! xx