Sunday, June 28, 2020

Weekend Words

From Amish Proverbs - Suzanne Woods Fisher

On Faith

Religion is 24/7 for the Amish.  Everything they do, especially the manner in which they dress, is based upon their faith.  Their simple clothing - a tradition of the Amish and the reason they are also called the Plain People - is a tangible reminder that they are a people set apart, belonging to the Lord.  The Kapp or 'head cap' worn by every woman and even infants, might be the most symbolic garment.

To the modern world, the Amish seem radical.  Their deep commitment to faith is why they choose to live separate from the world.  They believe the ways of the world oppose God.  They eschew accumulating materialistic goods because it leads them to pride.  Their Plain clothes serve to keep them separate from the world by creating a unifying identity.  Their dependence on a caring community is intended to reflect the body of Christ.  Their emphasis on humility reminds them that God alone is worthy of praise.

Most Amish believe the adage that "The cornerstone of faith is truth, not tolerance."  They take Scripture literally and don't rationalize or justify behavior that the Bible labels as sin.

But the focus of the Amish life is not solely on avoiding temptation.  It is on pleasing God, conforming to His will, living a faithful life...

You can't stumble when you are on your knees.

Walk softly, speak tenderly, and pray fervently.

When you get to your wits end, you'll find God lives there.

When I have nothing left but God, then I find that God is all I need.

If you want your life to be a reflection of Christ, you need to take time to reflect on Christ.

If you sense your faith is unraveling, go back to where you dropped the thread of obedience.

Faith gives us the courage to face the present with confidence and the future with expectancy.

F-A-I-T-H: Forsaking all, I trust Him.

Know the Bible in your head, stow it in your heart, show it in your life, sow it in the world.

Do not ask the Lord to guide your footsteps if you are not willing to move your feet.

Put everything in God's hand and eventually you will see God's hand in everything.

All our tomorrows must pass before God before they ever reach us.

Faith makes things possible, not easy.

Faith is like stepping out at God's command onto what appears to be a cloud and finding it to be solid rock.  

If you don't want the fruits of sin, stay our of the devil's orchard.

Though you may ask God to do something for you, he generally wants to do something in you.

(all photos from Amish Doll Quilts - Rachel and Kenneth Pellman)


  1. I live in PA, USA where the Amish are quite prevalent. Their example is quite inspiring :)

    1. We have a conservative Mennonite church here in Deloraine that I attend, but no Amish in Australia that I know of. Even the Mennonites are quite new here. xx