Thursday, October 4, 2018

Home and Yarn Along

Just back from a week up north (Gold Coast, Queensland), meeting my new granddaughter.  We did a few walks around the area they live, and took a quick trip to the beach (it was quite windy)...
Hazel (2 months), Ben, Hayley

Looking north to Surfer's Paradise...
doesn't look much like paradise to me with all those high rise buildings

And south to Burleigh Heads...
more my style...(almost) no people :))

Also got to catch up with my 2 brothers (and sister in law), who I haven't seen for about 8 years...
Malcolm, Lyn, Bob

The flights up and back were quite eventful with delays and flight changes.  Flew up with Virgin (only? a 3 hour delay), and back with Qantas (major drama!) with delays, airline changes, being put on a wait list (even though I had booked and paid for my fare weeks in advance), and then hours later being put on their budget airline (Jetstar), because apparently it's a common practice to double book and then hope everyone doesn't show up!!!  We've filed an official complaint with Qantas, and I definitely would not be recommending them to others.

Despite the hassles, it's all good travel practice for when I venture further afield :)

AND's nice to be back home!  While I was away Spring arrived in earnest…

My Greengage plum tree was bare when I left...
and now it's covered in blossoms

 so pretty...

And my little apple tree is budding...
it's only 2 years old

The forget me nots are flowering...

As is my Bay tree...
I didn't even know they got flowers??

Oh my goodness...this is getting so long I'm going to take a coffee break...
and browse the latest Grass Roots and Aust. Country Style


And because one has to eat, I've made a Shepherd's Pie, which should do me for a few days...

And for YARN ALONG...

Have had this blanket finished for Wrap with Love for a few weeks...must get it in the mail to them tomorrow.

Finished reading Wild Fire while I was away.  Really enjoyed it and had no idea who the killer was until they told me (maybe I'm just slow?), but I was a bit disappointed with the final (happy) ending for Jimmy Perez. (Ooops...maybe I shouldn't have told you!)  And they all lived happily ever after...  I prefer endings that leave you a bit up in the air about the romantic/relationship outcome.  It's not a romance (thankfully),  but there is an undercurrent.  I guess the author had to tie in the loose emotional ends because apparently this is the last book in the Shetland series :(

I'm still knitting my cardigan (back and one sleeve done and onto second sleeve)…

Might start reading this Henning Mankell book I have, unless I find something inspiring at the library this afternoon.

And listening to Passenger. can breath a sigh of relief...I'm done!!

See...this is what happens when I go away for a week :)))



  1. I have been checking daily your blog. You travelled such a shirt distance & so much hassle. Don't let it put you off long haul flights. The garden looks happy that you have returned. Xxx

    1. I said to the family that flying is a bit like childbirth, after awhile you forget about the pain and decide you'll probably do it again :)) xx

  2. Seeing a cityscape in the background of a beach looks funny to me. Your plum tree is gorgeous! Now you can settle back into your quiet existence. :)

    1. I'm not a fan of cities, but I do like beaches!

      And now I'm back home and in 'catch up' mode :) xx

  3. Congratulations on your new granddaughter. They are such special blessings. I am sorry that you had so many hassles flying.

    I love your blanket and am off to check out the charity page. I love to knit and crochet but living in southeast Queensland means I rarely need a woolly.

    1. Hi Suzan! One can never have too many warm woollies here in Tasmania :)) xx