Wednesday, October 17, 2018

a mixed bag

Where to start.

Maybe in chronological order...

Friday - had a visit from Becky and John...

They live in the US and made contact via my blog seeking information about 
Mennonite churches in Australia.  I passed on info and contacts and we continued to email and as they were travelling in Tasmania, they came to visit.  It was nice to meet them 'in person'.  Oh...and they loved Tasmania!!

Saturday - did my usual morning wander to library and op shops, and picked up this bargain at the Salvo's...

This beautiful GREY!! (my colour) wool from the Faroe Islands.  There were only 6 balls ($1 a ball...bargain!) but should be enough to knit a vest/sleeveless pullover.
The yarn is a mix of Faroese wool, Shetland wool and Australian lambswool.  And I found their website:  Beautiful yarn and knitwear.

But...I have to finish my cardigan first.  Right??  Back and two sleeves done...

Maybe I could knit up a sample of the new yarn, just to see how it goes... ??

Sunday - at church we had a young lady from the south of the state come and sing, play the harp, and speak...

And in the afternoon I took a stroll by the river...

 The trees are greening...

And the ducks are...
doing what ducks do...which is...not much!

Monday - some of us have work to do, but these guys, over my back fence, were taking it easy...

Tuesday - cleanings window so I can enjoy the view...
 from my bedroom window

and from my lounge room window

Wednesday - It's raining!!  So I can take a break from the garden and catch up with emails and letters.

But first...




  1. Oh my goodness, Lynda - that scene, after the harp photo! Which reminds me - I love seeing your calm river again. I get nervous otherwise. :D You got a great deal on the yarn - that's exciting.
    And how nice that you had a visit from these Americans! And they didn't mind appearing on your blog!

  2. The river is quite low at the moment as we have not had rain for awhile, but these next few days should change that. I love it when it is wild and fast flowing :).

    Yes...I'm excited to knit something with my new yarn...but first...the cardigan!

    Becky and John did not mind appearing on my blog (I asked them first). Although they are Mennonite, they are from a different group (not as conservative) as the ones here in Deloraine, so they have internet, and although Becky dresses modestly and wears a head covering, she is not restricted to the cape dress and Mennonite cap as the group here is.
    It was very interesting to meet them. xx

  3. Great photos! Nice pick up with the wool and great to catch up quickly ....... I'm about to head to work shortly so best get moving!

    1. Hi Sharm! A letter went in the mail to you last week. You should get it any day now.
      And yes...I'm loving the wool, it's soo nice to knit with. I think I'll be tempted to buy some from them online :) xx