Thursday, August 23, 2018

Mixed Bag

Been on a couple of day trips recently.  One to the small town of Westbury (16km from here) for a walk and café stop...

And another day, to the sea, at the mouth of the Rubicon river...

And on the home front:  the charity blanket is finished...
 and will go to Wrap With Love


And just a note on Hutterite Diaries, it is not fiction, but part of the Plain Spoken series, by 'real' Hutterite/Amish/Mennonite women.  So if you want to know what it's really like, read these, and not the plethora of romantic fiction out there!

Still slogging my way through episodes of Northern Exposure.  It's not really a slog...I'm enjoying it!!  
Season 4 and counting... :))

I bought a jasmine plant on the seaside trip, to plant along my side fence.  Cut some of the flower bud stems off before planting...


Hope your getting all you need!



  1. Well, what an interesting post! Your blog is like a really good magazine! I love the blanket you've made, I enjoyed the beautiful landscape photos, last week I bought a book I'd read about here, and now I'm just off to check out the Hutterite diaries . . .
    Thank you!!

    1. Hey Pen! So glad you're enjoying it :) xx

  2. What beautiful photos - beautiful countryside! Is there really a Rubicon River in Tasmania?
    Your blanket looks SO WARM - a really blessing for the recipient. xo

    1. Yes...there really is a Rubicon River here in TAS. Seems there are a few of them around, including one in California.

      Even Julius Caesar crossed one :) xx

    2. That's the one I'd heard of!

  3. Loved this post! Thanks and the blanket is lovely!

    1. Thanks Michelle, happy that you enjoyed it! xx