Friday, June 8, 2018

June Yarn Along

Joining Ginny and others at  Yarn Along

And for those who visit from there, and haven't seen my finished India Blanket, here it is...

Now I've resurrected this unfinished project...
80 squares in natural coloured wool

The edging row is a dusty pink (and not as bright as it looks in the photo), but not 'natural' coloured wool, so I think I'll undo it on all 80 squares (sigh!) and edge them in some dark brown natural I have.

Then I thought, to brighten it a bit, I'd add some random squares with cream centres...

And in between all that, I'm reading The Pyramid (which is a prequel to the later Wallander books), about his early days in the police department...
And binging out on Justified.

Winter is here...

But it's fine by me!



  1. The colors on both those projects are so pretty.

  2. Lynda you area soooo cool �� and clever !! ��

    1. Thanks Vicki!

      FYI- I did not pay her to say this :))) xx