Friday, June 1, 2018


...feeling much better...still coughing a bit...but ready for a catch up...

Last week I made a big pot of chicken soup (the magic cure all)...
 garlic, onion, leek, celery, carrot, chicken drumsticks (skin removed), barley, brown rice, a piece of ginger and a bay leaf (for flavouring and removed after cooking), salt, pepper, and lots of chopped parsley added just before serving.

Also did quite a bit of this...
as well as sleeping

But when I was feeling up to more, I read...

 Reading People - very interesting and challenging, but not a relaxing bed time read

So at night I read Anxious for Nothing - very 'Max' if you've read any of his other books.

Watched and listened...

Finished Series 1 - 4 of Longmire (as recommended by Marnie and Denver).   Really enjoyed it...need to get Series 5!

Have now started Justified (as recommended by Ben and Hayley). I seem to be in cowboy/sheriff  mode, and think I will like this series too, although it's a bit 'quirkier' than Longmire (think Coen Brothers).

And picked up this Van Morrison Duets CD at the library.  Good, good!!

Something to fill in the long winter evenings :)

And (wait for it!!!) I've finished my India Blanket...
 Ta Da!!!

Hey you thought I'd never get it finished :)) 

And speaking of Debbie, she crocheted these lovely baby blankets for me to mail off to one of the charities I support.  So today, they went in the mail to KOGO...

Thanks Debbie!

Ok...time to light the wood heater for the night, soup (this week it's lamb and veg) for dinner, then some knitting while watching an episode of Justified.

And tomorrow I must get back to my river walks!!

Hope your day is full of good things...for body, mind and soul...



  1. Happy to see you are feeling better. This is a long newsy blog. Great to read.
    I knew you'd finish the Indian blanket. It looks fabulous !. When I visit you , I will bring my Indian blanket. It will be interesting to see 2 different designs , using the same colours. I am working on another baby blanket for your charity group.

    1. Thanks Debbie!

      We'll do an India blanket photo shoot :)) xx

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Good work on getting the blanket finished ..... I think I'll be cooking up some soup next week!

    1. I thought your soup days would be behind you now that you're in sunny Queensland :) xx

  3. So glad you are starting to feel better. That India blanket is glorious!