Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Tuesday tête-à-tête

Another hot day here, so enjoying my coffee and thoughts of cool, calm, autumn days...

 grey skies and seas

 sunlight on frost

Watched (from the library) Inch' Allah.  What a deeply, moving story...

Then tried to watch Saving Mr Banks (as recommended by a fellow library patron), but after 20 minutes had to turn if off.  I'm sure it's a good movie, but after viewing the previous one it seemed a bit frivolous and silly.

Reading through The Road... and doing a bit of a study/discussion with a friend...
And you can see some of my 'secret project' in the background (but don't tell!)

Will close with some quotes from the book.  There are more HERE.

“If someone is determined not to risk pain, then such a person must do without many things: [...] - all that makes life alive, meaningful and significant.”
  “We are often most in the dark when we are the most certain, and the most enlightened when we are the most confused.”
“The best decision-makers are those who are willing to suffer the most over their decisions but still retain their ability to be decisive."
Mind food!


  1. I read that so long ago, but I do remember it was excellent. Full of wisdom.

    1. I also read it (or some of it) many years ago, but don't remember much, so it is like reading it anew. xx

  2. I like those quotes and particularly the photos of autumn days in this heat we are having! That bowl of food looks yummy and what a power pack to boot! Secret project????? I'm intrigued lol

    1. Yes...another hot one here today too. I'm thankful for my aircon.
      Re. the secret project...all will be revealed...eventually :) xx