Friday, January 5, 2018


My friend Brenda, who is an artist, sent me this...
 pretty good...n'est-ce pas!

Here's what she did (in her words):

"I painted a piece of mat board with acrylic clear glaze medium, and when dry, stuck on the feathers and leaves and dried flower heads with clear drying craft glue.

When this was dry I applied a further coat of acrylic clear glaze  over the lot.  
I then painted /dabbed  the 3 colours of  acrylic paint on , when dry I added  the pearlescent ink,   I added a small amount of gold as highlighter".    

Now I need to decide on a frame.
Listening to Hayden...
 good stuff

If you thought Gregory Alan Isakov was laid back, Hayden is laid back x 2.  You can listen to a sample of the tracks HERE (you'll need to scroll down a bit).

And watched Stonemouth (from the library) last night...
Really enjoyed it
Love the opening song by Cam Penner.  Listen to it HERE.
In music mode


  1. What a lovely picture to have - I think it looks great even without a frame!

    1. Yes...I was thinking the same. I think I've seen (or maybe I just imagined it) adhesive velcro dots/strips that I could probably use to attach it to the wall. Will look into it. xx