Wednesday, January 24, 2018

One bowl Wednesday

Made another one bowl wonder for lunch....
 (lettuce, baby rocket leaves, capsicum, cucumber, tomato, beetroot, hardboiled egg, cashews, pumpkin seeds)

Picked up this book from the Post Office today (ex Book Depository)...
it will have to go in the ever growing 'to read' pile

And just finished reading The Disaster Artist.  As mentioned in a previous post, I saw the movie The Disaster Artist recently.  And moving backwards, I've now finished the book.  I really enjoyed both the movie and the book.  I still have to see The Room (which started it all).

So I'm sort of doing it 'in hindsight', and it seems to be working, in that I have insight into what is happening as I watch it unfold...backwards.  I bet all that really makes sense !?!? :)

What ever works for you!


  1. I had not heard of the Anthony David book - that sounds interesting!

    1. Yes...I thought so. I don't know a lot about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, but I would like to learn more. xx