Thursday, December 14, 2017

What is this thing called 'the cinema'?

Having not been to the cinema for 15? years, it seems like a new invention.  The last movie I saw was Pearl Harbour! (How sad is that ?!?)

So...last Saturday Marnie txt me and said "can we do something fun today?"  So we settled on the cinema, and as The Disaster Artist was on in Launceston, and I had seen a trailer and thought it might be good,  I chose it.  There's a trailer HERE if you haven't already seen one.

The downside was all the swearing, but I tried to overlook it, because the upside was a good movie!
My sort of offbeat humour, but it could also be view at a deeper level and although it was kind of funny and quirky in parts there was also the pain and sadness of the lead character (Tommy). 
The conclusion?  He who perseveres wins!!
Not everyone's cup of tea perhaps? 
So...we've decided it will be a regular thing.  Hopefully more regular than every 15 years or I might not make the next one!  And Denver gets to pick next.  I'm thinking he will pick the new Star Wars movie, and I will be totally lost because I haven't seen any of the previous ones!

And following on from my last post and the retro blanket, I've started...

Not sure whether to leave the orange as the final round, or edge with white (actually it's cream).  Will decide when I've done a bit more.  Doing 4 of each colour combination (2 x cream centres, 3 x random colours, 1 x orange). 
Went for my walk early, early, as it's hot, hot, again, so the rest of the lawn mowing will need to wait. 
 Oh dear...guess I'll just have to sit and crochet!
Such is life.

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