Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday on my mind

Nothing like starting the week off on a bright note...

A tad too bright for me.  Will try a row of cream around each square to tone it down.

And if that was a bit jarring on the senses, try these:

 Some cloud cover this morning on my walk (Yay!)...

 Always love this view.  So wild and uninhabited...


Picked up this Suspects dvd at the library...

Apparently most of the dialogue is improvised.  It was very good.  Unfortunately the library only has Series 2.

And as I was a good girl and mowed the rest of the lawns this morning (that I didn't get done last week), I've earned myself a lunch date with a friend :)

Enjoy your day!



  1. Very pretty river views! And yeah, that one with so much growth on either side - pretty wild looking.

  2. The river photos always look good don't they! If you want to watch other seasons you might find them available for free on the internet perhaps