Saturday, December 30, 2017

Getting it together...

...over coffee, sourdough and a new mag...

 care to join me? the kitchen...
 banana and walnut loaf

...stitching it up...
decided to leave it as is...with cream as final row


Oh...and in case you missed it...I changed my header photo!  I loved my foggy pic, but it is summer here, so I thought I'd better acknowledge it.

Roll on autumn!!


  1. I didn't notice the new view if the river and I like the blanket even though orange isn't really my colour, I think it's come out great! I changed my photo the other day too after having the same one for a number of years!

  2. I wonder how many others 'don't notice' the photo change :))

    Orange isn't my colour either, but it was an interesting exercise in how the colours evolve.

    I did notice you changed your header photos! xx

  3. Your header pictures are all very beautiful