Wednesday, December 27, 2017

And Afterwards

It's all over now (baby blue)...

Getting back to routine:
Walk/run - check
Exercises - check
Shower - check
Breakfast - check
Grass Dandelions mowed - check
Coffee - check

Just finished reading Lagom, really enjoyed it, and found myself smiling...
(the coffee and Castello Blue on sourdough I was also enjoying at the time could have had something to do with it)
Still working on the 'colourful' blanket...
Added a row of cream around each square.  Still too bright!  Hmm. 
Reading an Ann Cleeves book (from the Vera series)...
Listening to: Of Monsters and Men, Sigur Ros and Bon Iver
And...yesterday we went to the sea...
 East Devonport

 walked in the water

sunlight on sand
just because
Watched a cargo ship go out...
And to finish.  Your bit of humour for the day...
Marnie sent me this
She has a cat
So she knows


  1. Oh how I do miss the ocean and the smell of salt water! Re the colourful rug - you may find a nice bright rug sells quite well, but if you really want to tone it down a bit then I would be doing a beige border around the blocks and a a beige border then around the blanket itself....... just my thoughts, but I think the bright works quite well

    1. Yes...I miss the sea too. Devonport is nice, but it's not Stanley.

      Thanks for your thoughts on the blanket. I guess some one might like it, I'm just not a 'colour' person. was an interesting exercise. xx