Sunday, August 24, 2014

Yarn Along

Catching up with Ginny again for Yarn Along...

The charity knitting group met here again on Thursday.  See previous post for photos.

So I have been busy sewing together knitted rectangles that the ladies brought into cot blankets...

Reading Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier for the Book Group I've recently joined.  They meet monthly to discuss the various books, and will be meeting on Tuesday.  I received the book late so will not have it finished, but will go along anyway and observe to get a feel for what goes on.
Have 21 crochet squares done.  Need 7 more to sew together into another blanket for charity...
I've bought a couple of books (from Book Depository) by Per Petterson having recently read his It's Fine By Me which I borrowed from the library.  He is Norwegian and I really like the way he writes and the settings so I'm looking forward to reading these two also...

Ha en god dag!


  1. Your charity blankets are beautiful. I'd be interested to hear what you think of Cold Mountain. I've been interested to read that book, but lately I find fiction just too stressful...

    1. Hi Christine - I will only get about half the book read for the group tomorrow. It's interesting...quite graphic in it's descriptions of war and casualties...and I probably would not have chosen to read it voluntarily, but it's good opportunity to read a book I otherwise would not.

      Apparently there is a movie from the book although I haven't seen it (I think starring Jude Law and Nicole Kidman). xx

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Michelle - I've really enjoyed working with all the colours in my squares :) xx