Saturday, August 23, 2014

Knit. Stack. Drive.

Thursday was quite the day for it....

In the morning I had the charity knitting group meeting here....

(Shirley and Neville)

(Heather, Judith-Ann and Betty)
Neville is our newest member.  He knits using chopsticks.  He whittles the points himself. Very clever!  
But you should see the looks he gets when he pulls out his knitting needles to eat Chinese food!!!  :))

I also had 3 1/2 metres of firewood delivered, which all had to be stacked in the shed. 

I probably would have taken a few days to stack it all but there was rain coming so I did it all in the one day.  Slept well that night!!
And the ta dah moment (drum roll please)....
My new car

Pretty fancy eh!
It was delivered Thursday afternoon...a Subaru XV.  Never had a new car before...or one with power steering... automatic windows...central locking...a radio that works...or a CD player :))
This morning (once I worked out where a few of the necessary buttons were...wipers/headlights, etc), I drove  to Devonport with Marnie and Denver for Denver's soccer game.
Nothing like cruising down the highway with Jason Mraz blasting out of the CD player!!
I think I could actually enjoy driving with a car like this :))
See you on the road!!


  1. Oh boy! Enjoy that new car! Looks like fun knitting with others.

    1. Hi Michelle - yes...I'm enjoying both the knitting group and the car :)) xx

  2. hi lynda,
    love. love. love your new wheels. keep safe & enjoy your music .Great time to discover TALKING BOOKS. debbie

    1. Hi Debbie! Have tried talking/audio books, but not sure if I like hearing some-one else's voice inside my head reading :)) xx