Sunday, August 3, 2014

While the mice are away...

...the cat gets to play...

Marnie has gone to Victoria for a 3 day bush walk with a friend.

Jefferson and Denver have gone to the East Coast for an overnight bushwalk.

I had church this morning, got a couple of letters written this afternoon and a river walk.  We had lots of rain last week and the river walk track was under water so I'll have to double up with my walks over the next couple of days to catch up :)

Going to watch THIS DVD tonight (from the library).

And listening to THIS CD of Jason Mraz.  I think it's my favourite of his.

Still working on my crocheted blanket squares for charity.  I've finished 14 x 10" squares so far and really enjoy working with all the different colours and having the satisfaction of using up much of my 8 ply acrylic yarn stash...

And still reading this wonderful book that I mentioned in my previous post.
ha en bra dag!


  1. Sounds like a most relaxing time! How nice to get a little bit of time to yourself, I know I seem to cherish times like that. How many Kms is the river walk you usually do?

    1. Hi Sharm - Jefferson seems to think my walk is just under 5 klms.