Monday, June 9, 2014

Your Choice

How could a loving God send people to hell?
That’s a commonly asked question. The question itself reveals a couple of misconceptions.
First, God does not send people to hell. He simply honors their choice. Hell is the ultimate expression of God’s high regard for the dignity of man. He has never forced us to choose him, even when that means we would choose hell.
No, God does not “send” people to hell. Nor does he send “people” to hell. That is the second misconception.
The word people is neutral, implying innocence. Nowhere does Scripture teach that innocent people are condemned. People do not go to hell. Sinners do. The rebellious do. The self-centered do.
 So how could a loving God send people to hell?
 He doesn’t.
He simply honors the choice of sinners.
(When Christ Comes - Max Lucado)

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