Thursday, June 12, 2014



1. to speak or write vaguely, to no purpose, and at length. 

2. lengthy vague speech or writing.

3. nonsense, twaddle.

Here's the waffle bit....

OK.  So I've just finished (almost) reading this really, really, really, good book.


I love books that get inside people's heads - their feelings, fears, thoughts, emotions....

And true/real life stories are best - and this one had the added attraction (for me) of being predominately set in Alaska.

I could identify with what was going on 'inside' Leigh, even though, on the surface, she appeared not to appear like she had all this emotional stuff inside.  And I always tend to feel a connection with those who don't quite fit the norm.  Maybe that's why I like the series Northern Exposure...all those quirky 'individuals' - that, and the fact that it's set in Alaska.

(have I ever mentioned I have a fascination with Alaska?!)

And Cate Banchett's character portrayal in Blue Jasmine, how there is a fine line between holding it all together and falling apart.

I envy people who are confident and have it all together.  Whether they do or not, only they know, but they at least have learnt to appear that way to others.

Me...  I practice avoidance (as does Leigh).  If you can't face!  A good maxim to live by.

I like small doses.

I like my own company...most of the time.

Does that make me odd? 

It's easier to talk to myself that others.  That way I get the answers I want :)

And then I think...  Why am I so drawn to Alaska?  Is it because there aren't many people there?

And why do I go for my morning river walks very early in the morning?  Ditto?

Does that make me antisocial?  Or odd?

My friend Debbie loves India.  The noise, colour, people, people, people....

I would hate it!

Interesting how we are all so different.  Some normal, some not so normal.  But then...what's normal?  It's usually when you think you are that you're not. 

So does that mean because I think I'm not...that I am?

Enough for today.  I'll just go off and finish this conversation with myself....

(PS - read the book.  It's really, really, really good!)

(and don't you just hate it when people start sentences with and)

Now for the non waffle part...

Recently I won a blog giveaway on Anne's blog.  These lovely hair pins...

And because I love them so much, I went to her Etsy Shop and bought some more!  Go take a look....'s the knitting bit (because I'm linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along)
I'm knitting squares for KOGO.  Next Thursday we are having another get together of our charity knitting group and I had given the ladies a challenge last month to knit squares for KOGO (actually...they aren't squares, but rectangles, to be sewn together into blankets).  I've only got one knitted so far, so am frantically trying to get another one done before Thursday.

I'm also listening to Jason Mraz on CD.  He might just replace Van Morrison as my top man :))

Tavvauvusi (that's goodbye in Inuktitut - Eskimo)!



  1. Love your square for KOGO, that is such a great charity. I do charity knitting for from time to time. It so nice to help others. I like Alaska too although I enjoyed watching Hotel Marigold. The colors in that movie are wonderful.
    My daughter lived in Australia for a semester and loved it. I enjoy quiet more than crowds too, I think most people do unless they are crazy. Haha!

    1. I enjoyed Hotel Marigold too!

      My daughter and family are living and working in Dallas Texas at the moment. I hope to get over to visit them later this year.

      Nice to know I'm not the only recluse :)

  2. Waffle - also a nice breakfast food :)

    I like my own company too. I enjoy the hustle and bustle when all of the family are over, but I equally enjoy the silence when it is just my husband and I alone, or when I am home totally alone. I am much more productive when left to my self.
    I will check out that book.


    1. Hi Bean!

      Ah yes...waffles...with ice cream and choc topping or maple syrup?
      Finished the was good. My copy was from the library but it might be a 'buyer'.

      Haven't forgotten about the crocheted beanie. Will try and get it in the mail this weekend. xx

  3. Hello Lynda, Thank you very much for your kind mention of my blog and shop. Hoping your package gets to you soon. I like the pastel colors in your knitting. June is flying..... Thanks again!!
    Anne D.T.

    1. Hi Anne!

      Will let you know when my package arrives :)

  4. Borrowed Still Points North from library the other week, couldn't put it down, what an interesting book. Thank you for the recommendation.

    1. Hi Bean

      Good...wasn't it!!!

      Mine was from the library too, but I think it might be a buyer! xx