Saturday, June 28, 2014

The week that was...

I'm a bit late with my Yarn Along post, but here it is...

I've just finished (last night) reading Letters from Skye.  Another exceptional read!  This one is fiction, and although I don't like fiction romances (because they always seem so shallow and "...they all lived happily ever after..." type books), I do like a good love story :)

This was a love story and it had a happy ending!  But I still felt like crying when I got to the finish ... for all those lost years.

Read it...and see what you think.

I'm crocheting a poncho (yep...another new project - but I didn't have to buy the wool as I already had it...she says in justification!)

Brown 8 ply wool and a 5mm crochet hook.  Just two granny squares (whatever size you want the poncho to be), sewn together.  This is my square so far...only 11 inches across...but I wanted to show you what I mean.  Tried to find a photo on the internet, but most seem to be made differently. 

So you put them together, fold the top of the triangle down on front and back and leave open (for the head opening - you can secure the point with a tie or button if you want), then join the left and right upper sides. Voil√†!

I might do a few rows of some sort of crochet or edging around the bottom, maybe even in a contrasting colour.  Lets hope I can actually finish this one!!

And making chicken soup...because Denver is sick.  And also it's cold and wet today...good chicken soup weather!
And made a chocolate cake (still have to ice it) because I'm on the roster to provide morning tea after church tomorrow (will also make some ham and cream cheese spread sandwiches).

Had my friend Debbie here earlier in the week for some lessons on how to do a blog, and Jefferson down from Sydney to try and finalise the settlement on my house (unfortunately there are still problems, so the saga continues....)
Had another load of wood delivered during the week so we are keeping the wood heater stoked up and burning bright.  I think winter has finally arrived in Tassie.
Will leave you with a quote I liked in the Letters from Skye book...
"We can't help who we love."
Unfortunate...but true!
PS - listening to Norah Jones and Jason Mraz.


  1. Looks like a good book! I just finished one I contemplated not sharing, because it's not as clean of a read as I normally would read. I'm prudish and I think now, your happy ending book might be the ticket!!
    And I like your poncho. It was our first 4H sewing project when we were kids and I'm still sewing. Can't wait to see the finished project!

    1. Hi Karen Sue!

      Thanks for visiting my blog, but don't hold your breath on seeing the finished poncho :)

  2. PS. Just looked this book up at the ebooks sight for my library and loaded it on my kindle! Thanks for the suggestion!!