Thursday, June 19, 2014

knit one read one

Today I had some ladies come for our monthly charity knitting morning...

(Roma, Janet and Heather)
As well as working on our blanket strips for KOGO, we watched a DVD from Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child, and over the next few months we will be working on items for the shoeboxes.  I gave them patterns for the ribbed beanie and tiny teddy to keep them busy till we meet again next month....
 And because I'm joining in with Ginny on her blog for Yarn Along, I'm also mentioning the book I'm reading at the moment... The Amish Way ...
It's a very interesting and informative read, and if you read my previous post on 'Why I'm not Mennonite', you will see, that although I have not chosen that route, I do return to it time and time again when I feel the world encroaching too much on my life and mind.
I'll leave you with this Amish quote, which I'm sure many of you have heard, but it's good to be reminded of :)
If you admire our faith — strengthen yours.
If you admire our sense of commitment — deepen yours.
If you admire our community spirit — build your own.
If you admire the simple life — cut back.
If you admire deep character and enduring values — live them yourself.


  1. It must be such fun to get together and knit with a group. My children and I have been participating in Operation Christmas Child for several years now; it's a wonderful charity. I like it, because my kids get to do more than just send money. Choosing the items and packing the shoeboxes forges a memorable connection.

    I've always been attracted to the Amish way, too! When I was in college I wrote a paper about Amish culture for a Cultural Anthropology class. For part of my research, I went to Pennsylvania Dutch country, where there is a very large Old Order Amish community.

    1. Hi Susan! Yes...we had a nice morning. I was hoping there would be more ladies interested in coming, but it was still nice with just the few of us.

      Do you still have your paper about the Amish Culture? I'd love to read it if you do :)

      Do I owe you a letter?? xx

  2. I picked up The Amish Way at the library earlier this week, it is a very good read, thanks for recommending.

    1. Hi Bean. I'm still half way through side-tracked reading another book (will post about it soon).

      Mailed the beanie and a letter to you last week :)