Monday, December 9, 2013

Worth Watching

For you folk in Aussie land, there is a good show on SBS tomorrow night (10th December).  This is one of the charities I support.  Their website is here. They do amazing work.




Tuesday 10th December at 8.30 pm (60 minutes)

Channel: SBS

Surgery Ship, The. Surgery Ship follows the remarkable story of the Mercy Ship docking in Guinea for 12 months and performing thousands of life changing and life-saving surgeries for conditions that have often long since been eradicated in the Western world. Amongst the volunteers are a dozen Australian doctors and medical staff taking this special journey. These world-class medical teams perform thousands of procedures representing a turning point in the lives of many, but limited time and resources mean just as many are turned away in a life or death decision made on the spot. (From Australia) (Documentary) M(A,G) CC


  1. Hi Lynda, I watched this documentary and the work done is extraordinary. It was so moving yet at the same time a heavy dose of reality. I found the young nurse's comment about a plane trip being all there is between extreme poverty & extreme wealth quite hard to hear and the special interest staff take in those children is precious. I think it is a charity I would like to support too.
    Have you seen the new book: "The Gift of Kindness" by Pam Ahern? Beautiful stories about rescued farm animals at Edgar's Mission, it is full of kindness, truths and hope.
    Best wishes, Bianca

    1. Hi Bianca :)

      And also her comments about much of the work they do being in cosmetic surgery, which in most western countries entails nose and breast work! Pretty superficial and such a waste of time and money when there is so much 'real' work to be done.

      Medicins sans Frontieres is another worthwhile organisation and one I also support.

      I have not heard of the book you mention, but will check it out. I find it even harder to watch/read stories about cruelty and suffering to animals than I do to people.

      Blessings on your day! xx