Thursday, December 12, 2013

giving and forgiving

read this recently on giving....

"I am a humble pensioner myself for my daily bread;
Shall I forget my brothers who seem in greater need?
I know not how it happened that I would have more than they,
Unless God meant that I should give a larger part away.

 The humblest wayside beggar and I have wants the same,
Close side by side we walked when God called out one name.
So brother it but happened that that name was mine;
The food was given for both - here, half of it is thine."

(Helen Hunt Jackson)

and this on forgiving....

Unchrist-like Forgiveness

There are some people whose forgiveness is little better than their malice. They never let you forget that they have forgiven you. Indeed, you sometimes almost wish they had not forgiven you at all, so miserable and so aggravating is their charity. Let us learn to forgive generously, richly, making our forgiveness complete, sweeping forever away—all grudge and bitterness.

(In Green Pastures - J R Miller)


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