Thursday, December 26, 2013


No...I'm not out shooting wildlife!

I'm getting rid of excess stuff...

Admittedly it's not all mine (most of it is Marnie's and Denver's), but just knowing some of it is really stresses me.

And then this morning in one of my devotionals I read this:

"Never keep anything you are not using."

Food for thought?

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  1. Never keep anything you are not using??? How ridiculous!
    I am not using my winter clothing today, but I certainly will keep it. And the umbrella. And the big saucepan. And the dirty laundry. And old friends who write at Christmas time. And the old aunt who is no longer able to write. And the tablecloth hand embroidered by my great grandmother that has been handed down into my safekeeping. I did not accumulate these things out of foolishness.
    Think about why you have something either material or ephemeral before you consider discarding it. Throw things away simply because they are not in use today? That is excessive capitalistic commercialism in action as every shopkeeper knows you have needs but you could be fooled into ignoring them.