Sunday, February 9, 2020

Weekend Words

The Path Ahead

My heart is heavy.  A shadow of dread
Looms over my pathway, beclouding my head.
The challenge I face is bigger than I;
I don't have the answers, don't understand why
God allowed this to happen, to bring such a test
That I can't find solutions, I cannot find rest.

I look in the past and I know it is true
That I've made some mistakes as most people do.
Have I brought this on us by something I've done?
Have I been defeated where I should have won?

Then I turn my vision and look up ahead,
But when I look there, faithless worry is fed.
Our eyes are not suited the future to see
Unless our perspective is from bended knee.
Even then we must view it through faith's special lens
In order to know there'll be good when this ends.

So if we can't see up ahead, or behind.
Are we not sightless and hopelessly blind?
But, no!  God gave us some landscape to see,
Those things all around and on both sides of me.
And though what is past can never be changed,
And though from the future as yet I'm estranged,
The task for me now is to be occupied
With the here and the now, in front, on each side.

To do all the things that I know must be done,
And leave all the rest in the hands of the One
Who will show us the way, who will give us our hope.
Who will heal all our sickness or help us to cope.

by Gary Miller

a recent sunrise

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