Friday, February 7, 2020

Another year older...

But thankfully not deeper in debt!

Had a birthday this week, and Marnie took me out for the day.

Lunch in Devonport...
Yes...I ate it all!!!

Then to the movies to see...

We had both wanted to see it and were both disappointed.  Chopping and changing time frames making it a bit hard to follow, and rather long (over 2 hours).  

I also found it very LOUD, but maybe that's because I'm another year older :)  And lots of scene flashing/jumping in the close ups.  Hmm...definitely a year older...

And I did not like the way they had modernised (and politicised) the characters/storyline.  It seems these days every one feels they have to make a statement!?  I'm going to search out some of the older versions (of which there are many) and see what I think.  Just my opinion...  Have you seen it?

The cinema selfie...

And a trip to the op shop during the week...
Picked up this bundle of new fabric for $5.  I particularly wanted it for the plain patchwork fabric as I think it would make some nice little Amish style wall hangings/small quilts.  Will probably donate some of the other fabric back .

Also an old 8 ply classic style jackets/cardigans/jumpers (pullovers/sweaters) pattern book (50c).  I like the classic style and fit and have some lovely Australian pure wool that I could probably get 2 garments from.  One day...
And The Zookeeper's Wife ($2), based on a true story.  I had no problem getting through January with my 'no new books' challenge, and was considering extending it.  But...

I hope to get to the Mennonite Conference (details below) this weekend, and I think they will have a book stall.  It may be my undoing...

Crocheting squares for a future charity lap blanket...
And reading more of  Sunlight Through Dusty Windows.  It is actually 3 books and I read through half of it last year (or was it the year before?), but each chapter is a stand alone read so easy to pick up and put down at random.  Delightful stories!

A healthy lunch...

And if you are in the Deloraine/Meander area this week end, you might like to attend...

where it says Saturday morning, it should read Sunday morning.  Kind of obvious, but just saying...

I hope to get to at least one of the sessions.

Maybe I'll see you there :)



  1. Happy Birthday, Lynda. :) I love seeing your lunches - but what is that restaurant one? I haven't seen Little Women yet, but you're the first person I've heard to say they were disappointed. And Marnie! A different generation, but she still didn't love it. Were her reasons the same as yours? A conservative magazine I read praised it, so I expect I'll like it, but I also expect the "statement making" part of it - it seems impossible to avoid.
    That's a great fabric selection you got! The Zookeeper's Wife has been on my radar for a while - some day, hopefully.

    1. Thanks Lisa!

      The restaurant meal was a roast(beef and vegies), and it was good, especially so because I didn't have to cook it :)

      I've read mixed reviews regarding Little Women, and many said they found the jumping between two time frames confusing, as did Marnie and I. and we both thought it was too long and a bit boring. Like daughter :))

      Not sure what her other reasons were. Will try and remember to ask her. I'll be interested to hear what you think if you get to see it.

      The Zookeeper... is on the shelf. I know they also made a movie of it, but have not seen it. xx

  2. It sounds as if you had a wonderful birthday week! Not buying books for a month would be a difficult challenge for me. Whenever I head into the library, I tend to pick up one or two for a dollar from their little used bookstore stand. Lately I haven't had a good book to read which is strange. Usually I have too many. The last two books I have started ended up having unlikeable characters or a storyline that I didn't like where it was going.

    Do you have a pattern for your crochet squares? We have a long trip coming up this week, and I would like a small project to pack along. Your little blanket looks like the perfect project for traveling with!
    Happy Birthday!

    1. Hi Bekah!

      Thankyou for the birthday wishes :)

      The crocheted squares are just the standard granny square. If you google it you should find a pattern easily enough. I am using 8ply yarn and a 4mm crochet hook. Doing 6 rounds in the solid colour (blues/greens) and 1 round in brown. Just using up yarn I have here.

      I've sort of given up on the library for now, although I do have 2 books to pick up that I had reserved previously. I find I bring them home and then don't read them. I understand what you are saying about unlikeable characters and storylines. Maybe we are just too particular :)
      I find older books more agreeable. Am reading Heidi at the moment. And I am allowing myself to still buy second hand books.

      Enjoy your travels... xx

    2. I will look up a granny square pattern. I have crocheted many things, but never a granny square. Time to remedy that! I know the only time I will have to work on the project would be on the plane ride. The rest of our trip should be quite full. My husband and I are heading with a small group from our church denomination to Liberia to visit a school started for women that teaches them a skill in order to support their families (Tailoring, catering, soapmaking, etc). I'm quite excited for the trip. I am looking forward to seeing how God uses us, two pretty regular people, to assist in some small way with helping this project multiply to other areas.
      I don't think we're too particular at all in book selection...we just know what we like!

    3. And I pretty much ONLY do granny squares! :)

      Your trip to Liberia sounds amazing. I hope you will post on your blog all about it. Have a great trip! xx