Sunday, January 26, 2020

Weekend Word

From one of the devotional books I am using this year: Hearing from God Each Morning - Joyce Meyer

Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God..."

Talking has always come easily to me, but I have had to learn to listen.  I once felt my husband did not want to spend time sitting and talking together, so I told him we needed to talk more.  He responded, "Joyce, we don't talk.  You talk and I listen."  He was right, and I needed to change if I expected him to want to spend time with me.

 I soon discovered that I treated God the same way as I treated Dave.  I did the talking and expected Him to listen.  I complained that I never heard from God, but the truth is that I never took time to listen to Him.  The verse for today teaches us to be still, and know that God is God.  Many of us find being still difficult to do because our flesh likes to be busy and active doing things, but we must learn to spend time alone and to be still if we want to hear God's voice.

For many people, listening is an ability that must be developed and practiced.  Sometimes this means sitting quietly in God's presence without saying anything.  We should practice listening!  One way to do this is to ask God if there is anyone He wants you to encourage or bless - and then be still and listen.  You will be surprised at how quickly He responds by placing someone on your heart.  He may give you specific things you can do to encourage them.  As we listen for God's direction He gives us creative ideas that perhaps we have never considered.  Take time to be still and listen carefully to Him and then be obedient and do what He shows you to do.

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  1. Sitting quietly - yes, I need to get back to this! It's been coming to me.