Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Starting another year

A few random thoughts and photos...

I have finished one baby blanket and almost done with the second.  I should get another one crocheted before they have to be mailed off at the end of the month.  They are only small (50cm x 50cm) so quick to make.  For RPA Little Wonders (intensive care unit for newborn babies at a large Sydney hospital)...

And these ones I was working on last month for Wheelchairs for Kids have been mailed off...

I'm setting myself a challenge regarding buying new books.  It is unrealistic for me to say no new books for 12 months.  I think even 3 months is a bit daunting.  So I am going for a month at a time.  At the end of each month I will review.  I'm hoping the longer I go the easier it will get.  I'm also going to give the library a miss for awhile.  I took my current books back this morning (unread), and am going to concentrate on reading some off my shelves.
I am not excluding the buying of second hand books though :)  And this morning I picked up these two at the op shop.  I'm going to start "And the Mountains..." tonight.  And the Miss Read one will go with a few others I have of hers that I have picked up at op shops over the years...

My summer breakfast...

The apples are doing well...
Lord Lambourne

And what my camera saw this week...
 pink sunrises



 early morning mist


That's probably enough randomness for one day!



  1. Your camera is quite an adventurer! Good luck with your book plan. But why stop going to the library? Are you saying they don't offer much that appeals to you? You'd certainly save a lot of change to get your books there. (but used books are great, too!)

    1. I'm sure I will get back to the library at some stage, but it just seemed a bit silly to be bringing more books home (and not reading them) when I have so many on my shelves to get through.
      But I suppose it is also that many books at the library don't appeal to me, and I'm not blaming the library :), but ones that I already have here, and any that I will buy used, will be ones I do want to read. Eventually... xx