Friday, January 24, 2020

Another week...almost

Nearly to the end of another week.  And another month.  Time flies when you are having fun.  Or busy.  Or both.

A sunrise one morning this week...

When I was in the op shop (Vinnies) the other day, I picked up this unfinished English piecing, with the extra bits to finish it off included. Someone has done a lot of work (all by hand).  It will make a lovely table runner.  Just have to finish it...

And also these two books to go on the shelf...
remember...second hand is allowed :)

Knitting beanies for charity.  They wanted plain colours...
 but I got a bit sick of that, so am doing some variegated ones.  I'm sure there will be a charity down the track who will be in need of them.

I finished my grey cowl, and am reading The Orchardist's Daughter (from the library)...

Yes...I know.  I said I wasn't going to use the library for awhile, but it was sort of forced upon me.  I had to go to Devonport with Marnie yesterday, and while she was in her hour long appointment I needed to fill in time.  So I wander around the Devonport library.  It is much bigger than our little Deloraine library, and I came across this book, set in Tasmania.
Although I will not read  Australian rural romance novels,  I do enjoy books set in Tasmania.  Hopefully this will not turn out to be 'just another romance novel'. So far so good, and I love the setting (southern Tasmania, mountains, rivers, forests, the sea).  

Another good Tasmanian book I read a couple of years ago was The Better Son.  
Tasmania is such a unique place.  
Oh (while I'm on the subject), these short stories set in Cradle Mountain: Floundering by Jillian Brady.  are also very good. 

 Anyway...that's how I came to be reading a library book :)

And after nearly 2 inches/50ml of rain a couple of days ago...
the water at the spillway is back to a respectable level

Au revoir pour l'instant mes amis!



  1. What a find and that will be a great table runner! Your spillway looks like a raging torrent to me, with nothing respectable about it. :D But if you're glad, I'm glad. :)

    1. Hi Lisa! Yes the English piecing was a great find. I had seen it in the op shop last time I was there, picked it up to buy ($4) but decided I had enough unfinished projects already, so put it back, but when it was still there this time, I decided I would buy it. Whether I get it finished is another matter. But I hope to.

      The river isn't as 'wild' as it appears, or maybe I am just use to it :) xx