Friday, October 4, 2019


Spring has arrived in full force and I am needing to spend much of my time trying to keep up with the garden work.  Still getting out at least once a day for my river walks...

The blanket is finished...

I am enjoying Educated.  It's very good...
you can see a close up of the crocheted edge I did around the blanket

Started a new crochet project...
probably for charity

Been baking (and eating) Anzac biscuits...

We have been having some beautiful sunrises this week...

The differences in colour are amazing...
both taken from my kitchen window

That's it!  Short and sweet...

Will try and get back next week!


  1. The blanket looks fabulous. Edge is very effective. I think you could name that blanket "64 facets" looks like the facets of a well cut gem.

  2. The blanket looks as thick as a rug in that first photo; the design is fascinating. Good job (as always)! :)

    1. Thanks Lisa! It is quite thick and heavy, being pure wool. But also very warm and cosy. Probably won't be needed till next winter :) xx

  3. Love the blanket and the granny square blanket too. Lovely pictures of the sunrise. It is feeling fall like here at last.

    1. Thanks Michelle! It is definitely Spring here, and today we are having some nice soaking rain and the garden is loving it. xx

  4. WOW, I look up the book Educated, it has excellent reviews. I put Educated on hold at the library, yesterday I picked it up and by the time I put it down last night I was on chapter 18.

    It is extremely well written and tells of such an interesting life. The dad is just insane, and how the family suffered. Sadly there are people out there living the same kind of life and for the most part the children usually are not able to free themselves.
    Anyway, thanks for highlighting the book.

    The blankets, as always, look amazing.


    1. I've almost finished the book. A fascinating read, and probably the best I've read in a while. Certainly a page turner, and even more so in that it is a true story. xx