Monday, October 28, 2019

Another week

Marnie and I had a day trip to Wynyard (and the sea) last week...
 Fossil Bluff beach

from Table Cape lookout

Bought fish and chips at the wharf for our lunch...
Inglis River

And on the home front...

Tried a new fruit cake recipe.  It's good, but next time I will add more fruit and spices...
tea and fruit cake anyone??

Working on the border rows on this blanket...
and picked up this lovely Herbs book at the op shop for $1

Have laid out the squares for this blanket I started last year.  Need to sew it up now...
just as well I have a large lounge room because my crochet projects invariably end up on the floor

My next project is an autumn toned crocheted blanket...
which colour co-ordinates beautifully with my new book that I'm eager to get started on

And sunrise from my kitchen window this morning...

Hoping your day brings you some unexpected pleasures!



  1. That's an interesting cover on your book. Save me some of that fruitcake, if you please! :)

    1. It is indeed, and I confess I am often drawn to the book covers...

      The cake is going fast. You'd better get over here soon :) xx

  2. The book on the history of knitting in Britain must be very interesting. And your cake, hm...yummy!

    1. It's still waiting to be read, but I will get to it soon. I think it is a sort of memoir too, so should be good.

      Yes...the cake was yummy!! xx