Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Resuming normal transmission


Remember me?

The whirlwind family visit is over and I am recovering :)

It was lovely to see them all.  Busy and hectic, and hard to spend quality time with so many,  but the children and grandchildren seemed to really enjoy all the outings and activities.  I accompanied them on some, but also needed some 'time out' :)

Unfortunately Marnie had the flu for much of the visit, but was able to join in for the later part.  And Patrick was here only for the first week and then had to return to the US for work.

Here are a few random photos (in no particular order) from the time...

Cousins at Cradle Mountain...
Dylan, Oli, Zak, Denver

The Avelange family at Cradle Mountain...
Oli, Dylan, Zak, Patrick, Natasha

The gang's (almost) all here...
afternoon tea in downtown Deloraine

Natasha and Marnie

Who are these crazy people...
Natasha (and Oli), Dylan (and Zak), Hayley (and (Hazel)

Game Boys...
Denver, Oli, Dylan, Ben, Zak

Cousins at Tasmazia...
Dylan, Denver, Hazel(showing a bit of leg), Oli, Zak

Discussing tactics for the game of tag in the maze at Tasmazia...

A walk in the Wildwood...
 me, Natasha, Ben

At The Great Lake...
Hayley, Ben, Hazel (it was cold!!)

And I'm sure you are well and truly over family pics by now!  But I guess it makes a change from my usual river photos :))

Back on track...



  1. I 🧡 the family photos. Yes, you are correct, I have been checking for any new posts. Good to see you, back on track.

    1. I'm back, but getting on track might take a little longer :)) xx

  2. Maybe Hazel can audition with the Rockettes someday... But I'm glad you had such a wonderful visit. :)

    1. Haha! I had to google the Rockettes :)

      Yes...she has the legs for it!! xx