Saturday, June 1, 2019

"Let's start at the very beginning...

...a very good place to start..."

Monday was a trip to Launceston with Marnie.  Denver had given me a gift voucher from Koorong (Christian Bookshop) for my birthday (back in February), and I finally decided to buy this...
it will hang on my lounge room wall when I can find someone tall enough to put a hook in above my lounge room window :))

Tuesday was Denver's 17th birthday.  We went out for dinner at the local restaurant...
Phil, Marnie, Denver and me

Wednesday was a home day so I got in a bit of gardening.  Mowing lawns, transplanting some ground cover plants to a raised bed on the shady side of my house.

my hellebores are flowering

Thursday I made a trip to the op shop and picked up these books.  Have read Keith Green's book many years ago, and enjoyed it, and the other two looked interesting...
Friend Debbie was passing on this blanket, crocheted by her grandmother,  so I put my hand up :)

Friday involved more garden work as the late autumn days have been lovely and calm with a soft sun shining.

I've also been getting in at least one river walk each day, some days two.  Here are some photos from my walk this morning.  It's usually just getting light when I start out...
 see the tiny moon?

 walking down my street - a chilly 2C!

love this time of day!!

By the time I get half way around the river track...
the sky is a soft pink/blue, there is a light mist on the river, and another day starts...

First day of winter here, and although it's been such a nice sunny day, the sky is again a soft pink/blue as it sets on what will be another cold frosty night.

The beauty of God's world!



  1. Much beauty where you are! (you're back to the musical blog titles) :D