Sunday, April 7, 2019

Weekend Words

It all started with this book...

You might enjoy this fascinating story about a local 'Amish' family I know. 

 Read it HERE 

(unfortunately there are a few ads you'll need to scroll past, but it's well worth a read).

It brings to mind this Bible verse:

"...In quietness and confidence shall be your strength..."

Isaiah 30:15


  1. Wow. The proof of the pudding is in the eating: they are happy, they enjoy life!

  2. Wow Such a Good Read. Thankyou for recommending it. I'd love a similar lifestyle but think I'd like to remain tech friendly & keep a car for those special scenic trips. Nevertheless they are inspiring.
    Kindest Regards, Bianca

    1. I too would like to live like that, and my lifestyle is quite simple, but I think my mind would find it a challenge to slow down and stop thinking, which actually may not be such a bad thing, because mostly my mind is way too cluttered with 'stuff'. It comes from being a major introvert :) xx

  3. I hear that!
    The scramble in my mind would make a good jambalaya.