Monday, April 8, 2019

April Yarn Along

For Yarn Along this month, I've almost finished the lap blanket I've been working on.  Just a couple more rounds and an edging...
and I'm eager to start these two books

I read many of Jerry Bridges' books years ago, and having recently re-read one of them (Respectable Sins), I'd forgotten how much I enjoy his writings.  So I'm starting another one (The Discipline of Grace).  I'm sure it will be challenging.

And a new one that just arrived and I'm eager to get into (might start it tonight) - Adopted by the Amish. If you read the Amazon reviews in the link, you will see that the so called 'Shelly" does not rate the recounting very highly.  I'm interested to form my own opinion, not that I am an expert, but I have had some (sort of) first hand contact, not with the Amish as such, but with the conservative Mennonites. Will let you know my thoughts...

I did like these words at the beginning of the book:

"I am searching for a faraway place,
a place where my past is but a distant memory,
a place where I can cast my sorrow to the wind,
a place where my spirit shall be reborn,
and my heart renewed."

And while we're on the subject of Amish, for those who only visit my blog from Ginny's Yarn Along, you might be interested in this story I posted on my latest Weekend Words, about some 'Amish' people I know.  The direct link is HERE.  It's a good read!

My e-pal Darrell, who I met recently when he was in Tasmania on his cruise, sent me this CD from an on ship performance Tribute to Roy Orbison, and although he's not 'the' voice, John does a very good rendition of the great Big O classics.  I'm really enjoying it!  It's very easy listening.  Thanks Darrell...

Of course one needs sustenance for all this reading, crocheting and listening, so I made some rock cakes...

Here's the recipe...

I did substitute about 1/3 cup almond meal for some of the flour, and substituted some allspice (because it's not as sweet as mixed spice) for some of  the mixed spice.  I would have used some wholemeal flour to replace some of  the white, but I didn't have any.  They are still pretty good :)

 And I'll leave you with Jefferson and Anushka's latest creation...
Jaya...almost 4 weeks old now, and smiling already!!



  1. Oh my goodness !!! I see Jefferson, in little jaya's eyes. I'd love a cuddle....

    1. Yes...I think he looks like Jefferson in this photo too, but in others he looks like Anushka :)) xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Lisa! I just used colours I had, but often the unplanned projects work out the best :) xx

    2. Yes, that's a funny thing, but true.