Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Style(less) - the shoes

After Pen posted THIS on her blog, I thought I'd do one on my *dress sense*...or lack there of.

Not that I'm implying Pen doesn't have any dress sense...just that perhaps neither of us are 'followers of fashion', but do our own thing...which is, I think, as it should be... are my shoes...

From left:

Birkenstock: that I've had for ages (as you can tell) and wear around the house and garden in summer (with or without socks)

Asics: for walking (why do they have to make them in such bright colours???)

Uggs:  sheepskin slippers that I wear in house and garden in winter

Duckfeet:  which I wear everywhere else...summer and winter...because they are so comfortable and I love them so much!!

I do have some black boots, but since I got my Duckfeet I haven't worn them.  Plus a couple of other pairs of shoes that I bought from op shops at various times, but they really should go as they are just taking up space.

So...there you have it...for what it's worth...

The rest of the apparel in next post...

Off with the Uggs...on with the Asics...and off for a walk!


  1. Looks like my shoe collection! :) Nothing beats comfort, and I think your choices are nice! Xx

  2. Oh, that's so interesting! Mine are Vivobarefoots and Gabor - soft and flexible is a priority for me. I love Birkis and used to have some, but my skin is so inconveniently soft they gave me blisters.

    1. I wouldn't call having soft skin an inconvenience :) xx