Sunday, July 2, 2017

Slow Sunday

Borderline headache today, so didn't go to church, but watched Songs of Praise on ABC TV, and it just so happened to be from St Andrews in Scotland!  God must have known :)

While having my morning coffee and browsing Slow mag...

...I came across an article about Override...a book by Caroline Williams.  Checked the library and they have it, so have reserved it.  Looks interesting...

And a link on Slow website mentioned  this book, which also looks good.  I thought of you Pen :)

After some very cold (-5'C yesterday) and frosty mornings, it is grey...with a hint of blue, here today...

Finished my vest!!!
 this photo is closest to the true colour

Not sure what to do with the armholes.  The pattern I used was for a jumper, so at the moment the sides just go straight up with no bands around the arm opening.  I might leave it as is for now and see how it goes...
I can always add bands later...or not!
Enjoy your day...slow or fast...


  1. Sorry about the headache. Those are not fun. Love the vest!

  2. Headache better today :)

    And thanks...on the vest! xx

  3. Oh, my - that book does look interesting (just checked out the look-inside on Amazon), as also does the Slow magazine. And the vest is a lovely colour and suits you. Perfect fit.

    1. I thought you'd like it :)

      Thanks...I'm happy with the way the vest turned out. It's lovely yarn to knit with and to wear. xx