Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Heading North

Not me.

My blanket...
Au revoir petite couverture
When Ben and Hayley were visiting, they liked the lap blanket I had crocheted, but did not have enough room in their luggage to take it back to Queensland with them.  So yesterday I packed it up and mailed it off.
But not before spending the morning huddled between my heat pump and wood heater trying to get warm.
We had a big frost...

And although the sun was shining it was still cold...cold...cold...
The plants in the garden got a taste of it too...

Pretty aren't they :))
And then this mountain mist (like a sea mist) rolled in...

I thought it was going to snow.  But it didn't.  Just got colder.
And today?  Grey and raining...
But not so cold...


  1. The blanket is very lovely! I would not mind a little of your cold weather. You can have some of our hot and sticky.

  2. Thanks Michelle! And as much as I don't like it when it is this cold...I like the heat even less, so thanks for the offer, but I'll stick with the cold :)) xx

  3. Lovely frost-edged plants!

  4. Marvelling at your frost! - here in England's high summer. Very hot, though a lovely breeze by the sea (where we are). That blanket is a beauty.

    1. I have always lived near the coast until moving to Deloraine which is inland...hence the frosts. I miss the sea! xx

  5. It really has been bitter cold hasn't it! That frost must have been around well into the morning. It sure has been a shock after the 2 weeks in Qld to come back to such cold - how's your wood pile going???

    1. I still have quite a bit of wood as I usually only light the fire late afternoon as I'm not in the loungeroom much during the day, but on these very cold days, and if I am going to be inside, I have it alight and the heat pump going.

      Hopefully you will be living in QLD by next winter :) xx