Thursday, June 22, 2017

Winter colour

There is some winter colour in my garden...not too much...just enough...

 I pruned off the old leaves so the new growth and flowers can be seen

 primroses/primula...looking a bit ragged around the me :))

 these ones are looking better

 self sown violets/violas

 and I've just found out these are called bergenia


 and these are roses...which I don't want!
I mean...I like roses...I just don't want them in my garden!  All those thorns, and they only look nice for a short period each year.  So, I will prune them back, and I have a friend who is happy to take them (she can bring me a bunch of roses every now and then), and I think I will grow ivy along the fence.  It's a shady area...gets a little sun in summer, but none in winter, so I am hoping ivy will do ok there.

Finished the back and half the front of my vest in the Mithral yarn...
 it looks grey in the photo, but it is actually a mossy green

And a lovely surprise in the mail earlier this week!  I won 1kg of real wool from K4C, one of the charity groups I knit for.  The yarn is from Bendigo Woollen Mills and will be so nice to knit with.  Not sure what I will knit yet...perhaps some children's garments...

Have been between books for awhile.  Just can't seem to find one I can get into.  So decided to read this one.  It's Anne's latest (I have all her other non fiction ones and really like her writings), so will see how I go...

Still have family visiting,  but they have gone off sight seeing for the day, so I'm catching up with a few home chores (and this post).  It's been grey all morning, but the sun is shining weakly this afternoon, so I might make a start on those roses.
Then again...maybe I'll sit by the fire and knit :))


  1. I want to read that; I read her Help, Thanks, Wow (if I got the order right) and liked it. She's sincere, although unconventional.

    What do you mean, roses only look good for part of the year? All flowers looks good for only part of the year! Are yours the old-fashioned kind which only bloom for a month?

    ahem - I will admit that it *is* your garden, though. :D

    1. I'm not enjoying this book as much as I did her earlier ones, but will persevere.

      Yes...they are the old-fashioned roses, but don't worry they are going to a good home :) A lady from the Mennonite church is going to adopt them, and I'm sure she will take good care of them. xx