Thursday, June 15, 2017

Grey and Green

The day is grey...
 the view from my 'sitting' chair...where I knit, crochet, read, dream...
My new yarn is green...
I can't believe it arrived two days ago and I still haven't had a chance to start knitting...
My beautiful Mithral yarn (worn by the Hobbits of Middle Earth) by Stansborough
Bought online from Ecoyarns.
Ecoyarns also sent me a sample cards with the Mithral colours and a gift crochet hook :)
I can envisage a blanket knitted in diagonal squares using all six colours...
I am sooo tempted!
But first I need to get started on my green vest...
I have been knitting a jumper (for charity) because I liked the pattern and wanted to try it...
 12 rows to the pattern, but you only need to count with 2 of them, which makes it interesting to knit, but not too mind consuming
So I am going to use this pattern to knit a vest/sleeveless pullover for myself in my Mithral yarn!

Also continuing with my charity blanket squares...

And in between, browsing my new mags...
And the reason I haven't had time to start my new knitting project is the family have arrived to walk the Three Capes Track
The Texas Team (daughter, son in law and 3 grandsons) unfortunately couldn't make it, but the Aussie Contingent is soldering on (2 sons, a daughter in law, and a grandson).  It's been so hectic the last couple of days with trips to the airport to pick up various ones from interstate that I didn't actually take any photos, but will do so when they return.   If they survive.... :))
In the meantime, I am enjoying the lull before the storm and am off to walk, knit, read...
But first I may need a cup of tea after all this chatting!


  1. Ooh, it's lovely! It's going to look so nice knitted up! Love your charity knitting too! Xxx

    1. Thanks Tina:)'s lovely to knit with. Not exactly soft, but not hard/scratchy either. Hard to explain. Perhaps 'unique' would be a good word. I really like it! xx

  2. Yarn worn by the Hobbits of Middle Earth! Oh, my! I have to see if it's available here. (oh, I'm all in a dither)

    1. I have to confess I never did see the movies, but I have the books (haven't read them either...) Obviously you are a fan:))
      I'm sure you could order direct from Stansborough in New Zealand and they would mail it. Not sure how much the postage would be though. Knitted half the front :)) xx

    2. Their website says "free worldwide postage" !!