Monday, June 26, 2017

My baby and me

 my baby (youngest son) Ben...and moi!

Just before he and Hayley headed to the airport to fly back to Queensland.
Also...I thought you might like to see who 'Lynda' is. 
 And as I hate having my photo taken, it's probably the first and last one you will see of me :))

Still loving my Mithral yarn.  Have finished the front and back of the vest I am knitting.  Just have to do the neckband and sew it up...the fun part...NOT!

And this is the yarn I ordered to knit a blanket (in diagonal squares)...
It arrived from Ecoyarns with a shade card of more of their yarn, a personal note from Salihan, and some Earl Grey tea bags (how did she know?...Earl Grey is one of my favourites!!)

[I'm not going to tell you I've knitted up two squares already, because I have to finish the vest first...]
Off for my afternoon walk, because I just ate two Tim Tam biscuits...


  1. Aww, lovely photo! Nice to meet you and your youngest! :) Xx

  2. A very cute baby there. :) And how do you do, Lynda! You look like a Very Pleasant Person!

    1. I've been called many things before, but never a VPP :)) xx