Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Up and running.

After being stalled due to headaches the previous week, last week I was up and running again.  What have I been doing?


 Digging out a curry plant and trimming a couple of others

It took some digging to get the roots out.  Another one to go on the left of the photo

 a lentil/vegie loaf

 it was supposed to be burgers, but I made it into a loaf...it was easier...and baked in oven for 20 minutes

here's the recipe, but it is also HERE
I didn't have any chives, but added a dash of cumin, tumeric, curry powder, some chopped walnuts, sunflower seeds and lots of chopped parsley!
Taking a break from the knitted beanies...I made 12! 
Remember these squares I was knitting...
 I decided to undo them

And am now crocheting smaller squares for a throw...
these are about 4 1/2" (12cms), the squares were 11" (28cms) using 2 strands of yarn together

Preserve and eat

Made more tomato relish...with the tomatoes in the freezer from last season.
Made blackberry/strawberry jam with last seasons frozen produce.
Still eating tomatoes from the garden, and apples from my tree. 
I got 7 very large and lovely Golden Delicious apples from the tree.  Which is quite amazing as I had chopped it down to a stump because I was going to remove it...but it grew again...and produced these yummy apples.  So I guess it can stay :))
Lunch time...left-over lentil loaf...
After rain yesterday, we are enjoying a sunny (but cold wind) day.  Good for drying the sheets...
Be blessed!

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  1. I'm glad you seem to be yourself again. So much undoing of the yarn, but the crocheted pieces are very pretty! Enjoy your home-work. :)