Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Not me...well, apart from my hair...  I'm talking about the day...

But I love grey days!  Especially when walking around the river.

I've been going for my morning walk after breakfast on these cold, frosty, almost winter days.  I do prefer to walk earlier, when there are no people around, not that there are many when I go later, but early morning, new day dawning is my favourite time.

I did get all the lawns mowed yesterday.  Strange how much better I feel when the lawns are done, it almost gives the illusion that the garden is under control :)

So I don't feel so guilty having an inside day today, and there is light misty rain just starting...

Still working on the grey/brown crocheted squares.  I think I've done about 100.  But I received the annual newsletter from Wrap With Love, one of the charities I support on and off, so I bought some bright coloured yarn to knit blanket squares...
 I might need to put the sunglasses on while working on them
And when the colour all gets too much for me, I can escape to my neutral crochet and my book...
Picked more tomatoes yesterday, some are still a bit green, but as we've had a few frosts I thought it best to bring them inside...
 they will still ripen inside

And for dinner last night (and a bowl in the fridge to re-heat for tonight)...
savoury rice (brown rice, carrot, peas, corn, parsley) bratwurst sausage, onion/tomato sauce (with cumin, coriander, turmeric, allspice)
For lunch today...lamb and vegie soup...cooked in my new crockpot/slow cooker that Marnie and Denver gave me for Mother's Day :)
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  1. I love grey days too! Your crochet and your meal look awesome!

  2. Gray days are nice, Lynda - but here we have had too many lately, and so unseasonal. Yesterday and today were up over ninety, and WELCOME! The gray days are nicer in fall, I think. I don't want so many of them in spring. :)

    1. Yes...those still, calm, foggy, misty fall/autumn days (especailly with the backdrop of the beautiful colours of the autumn leaves) are my favourite! And usually the foggy mornings clear to lovely sunny days, as it has the last couple of days here. But I also enjoy the small doses :) xx

  3. Oh, and I love, love, love your neutral - are you almost done with it?

    1. on a bit of a tangent...

      Been knitting my colourful blanket squares as I was in need of a bit of colour (that's what the grey days do to me...even though I love them), but will get back to the neutrals, especially when the days get busy and hectic (with activity and people), then I crave my calming neutrals. xx