Monday, May 8, 2017

One bowl wonders...and other riveting stuff

 I try to simplify my meals as much as the preparation and the eating.  So I bought a couple of big, deep (Corelle) bowls, and when possible eat my 'one bowl wonder' meals from them.  When I cook I try to make enough base recipes for two or three subsequent meals, and vary them by perhaps adding some streamed vegies, nuts, etc.
Here's some I've enjoyed recently...
rice, lentil/vegie loaf, sardines, steamed carrots, sweet potato, broccoli, silverbeet

lentil/vegie loaf, sardines, beetroot, tomato, tomato relish

 apricot chicken, mashed potato/sweet potato/carrot, tomato, cashews

apricot chicken, mashed potato/sweet potato/carrot, steamed broccoli, tomato
(looking pale because the heat steamed the camera lens!)

And if you don't know what Apricot Chicken is...the recipe is HERE.  I was going to link you to a recipe, but they all seem so complicated compared to mine, so guess I'll just have to type it out...

Lynda's Apricot Chicken

chicken breasts
pkt french onion soup
can apricot nectar

Chop the onion (you don't even have to use an onion if you don't have one, but I usually do) and saute in some olive oil.  Chop/slice the chicken breasts (as if for a stir fry), and add to pan and cook (only takes a few minutes as it is sliced thinly).  Add the apricot nectar and french onion soup mix.  Stir/cook till thickened (5 minutes?).  And there you have it!!  Serve with...whatever you like!

buon appetito!

And now for something completely different....

Remember these squares I was crocheting...and no!!...I am not undoing them again :))

I have decided to edge them in this dusty's called Pecan and although it looks quite pink/mauve in the photo it's actually more of a browny pink, especially with the brown/grey neutral coloured squares.  Just a hint of colour...  I think I will like it!

And looking forward to reading THIS book which arrived in the mail today (good old Book Depository...I'm sure I must be keeping them in business!!!)

All this food talk has made me hungry so will make some lunch (left over vegies which I will fry an egg with) and then some crochet/read time.  A river walk later this afternoon, a stop in at the supermarket on the way home and then tea/dinner/supper to cook.  I'll actually have to prepare a base dish tonight (oh bother!)

Hope you are having the bestest of days!!


  1. Are you Italian? All your meal bowls look very delicious, Lynda. yumm, and the yarn colors are beautiful together!

    1. No. Che non sono italiano :)

      I just like throwing in the odd non english word here and there (thanks to google translations!) xx

  2. Yeah, yeah - and I suppose you don't speak it, either. :D

    Actually, I like doing that, too. If I know only a couple of words in a language and the opportunity comes up to say them, I do. Without thinking, which usually causes comment. :D

  3. Actually I don't usually speak my limited foreign language vocabulary because my accents are atrocious!! That's why I like the printed word :)) xx

  4. Those meals look delicious, and the crochet squares are lovely - such soft, tranquil colours!