Thursday, December 22, 2016

Now you see it! Now you don't!

I've had the painter in.

Remember the horrid red wall in my bedroom...


And see the dark red behind the bookshelves?...

Also gone...

So much better!!

Still crocheting away on my lap blanket, knitting toddler beanies for charity and reading Candle in the Darkness (which I picked up at the op shop).

And here's one I took of the jungle garden recently...
I've got a cold!!  Woe is me :((
Going to make some chicken soup (for the body) and knit/crochet/read (for the soul)...
I hope whatever you are's making you happy!!


  1. Your newly painted walls look lovely. Love making chicken soup...for the soul/body! and knitting soul.

    1. Thanks is NOT my colour!!

      It's not exactly soup weather here, being the middle of summer and hot today,but I will enjoy eating it. xx

  2. What loveliness in your garden! The purples, so pretty. What are you doing with a cold in summer? Your bedroom wall looks so much nicer.

    1. Hi Lisa! The purple is pretty isn't it. I don't like a lot of colour in my garden, but purples and whites are always acceptable. My front garden is bordered by catmint all in flower at the moment...I love it. Must put a photo on...

      Yes...wall sooo much better now, much more peaceful and restful, especially for a bedroom.

      My cold? If I'm going to get one it always seems to be in spring/summer. Haven't had one for over 12 months, so I guess I'm due. Headaches too!! Fun for Christmas...NOT! xx