Monday, March 28, 2016


A few random shots...

On my walk yesterday morning at 7am...
 Quamby Bluff (through the fog) from the top of the hill near the start of my walk

 St Mark's Anglican Church spire (through the fog) from down by the river

the sun coming up as I headed home

Remember this blanket that I made recently and took to the Alpaca Shop? sold!!

my retro granny blanket

So I decided to take these two blankets down as well...after many blankets does a girl need!!
 hoping someone will buy these too

From the garden...
 the bounty

 apple, rhubarb and blackberry crumble...from the bounty

And on my walk this morning...

 the amazing sky just before sunrise

 the mists of (no...not Avalon) the Meander River

just because it's pretty...and the sun was catching some of the trees and turning them golden
Have more tomatoes cooking for relish.  I think they are ready, so off to bottle them!
No time to get bored :))
Enjoy the busyness of your makes time fly...


  1. Nice shots from your walks! What a blessing to already have produce to pick and enough to turn into relish and pie/crumble. Sounds like you are settling in well ..... and congrats on the blanket sale!

  2. Oh, your fog pictures are so dreamy! Congrats on your sale, but who could be surprised, at such beautiful work? Perhaps this could be a sideline for you??

  3. Hi Lisa! Thankyou for your kind words re. the blanket sale. I hope the others sell too, but I don't think I will make my fortune from them. enables me to buy more yarn :)) xx