Sunday, March 20, 2016

I'm in!!!

Been in my new house a week now :)))

Still getting the house in order, so no pics yet, but here are some of the garden...

 mostly herbs

 a camellia, plus...

 love my woodland garden (on the shady side), roses on the fence, a BIG greengage plum tree and the shade house in the background

 fish pond (with 2 fish) which I would like to turn into a water feature/fountain

 herbs from another angle...and an olive tree!.  I've always wanted an olive tree :))

 the out of control vegie garden

 more vegie garden, back sun deck...and views...
Not bad eh!!

And for Yarn Along...

I'm knitting this jumper.  I knitted one years ago for myself (unfortunately it got waylaid in one of my many moves) and really liked it, so doing another for winter...

And reading let me sing you gentle songs, which I picked up for a couple of dollars at the op shop.
Love the setting (wintery Swedish countryside) and the slow, gentle storyline and writing style.  Such a good bedtime read...

Time to light the wood heater and settle in for the night...


  1. It's no wonder you fell in love with this house Lynda! It's all the garden elements you have ever talked about wanting to have, and set out soooooo well!!! Nice to have some knitting company - perhaps sometime this year we might get some real time knitting done together.
    Take care
    Hugs sharm

    1. Hi Sharm! Just finished mowing my lawns :).

      Glad we are heading into winter and the growth will slow down and I can think and plan as I sit by the fire knitting!!

      I have a spare bedroom if you get the chance to visit :)) xx

  2. Lynda! What a place! It looks very fine. Such gardens will keep you busy, won't they?

    1. Hi Lisa! Yes...the garden will keep me busy! I'll never be able to say there's nothing to do :)) I'm glad we are coming into winter and I can take some time to think and plan before the busy summer season starts again. xx

  3. My what pretty gardens. Happy you are now in your home!

    1. Hi Michelle - yes...the gardens will certainly keep me busy! And the house is starting to feel like mine as I get things in order :) xx

  4. Congrats on the new place, and glad you are finally moved in :)

    1. Thanks Bean :))

      And congratulations on the new, fit, healthy you!!! xx