Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday catch up

Autumn is in the air and the trees are starting to colour up...

The willows are losing their leaves...

And I continue to harvest tomatoes to finish ripening inside...

For a very late Yarn Along link this week, I am still reading this book, and crocheting 10" granny squares for charity blankets...

Knitting on my jumper is slow going, but this book I picked up at the library yesterday is a real winner (and might end up being a buyer)...

An enchanting read...

And lovely photos...

Plus delicious recipes...

This is my version of the recipe above which I made last night, and again tonight with a bit more variation...

The basic recipe ingredients from the book for the salad are:
 tuna (they used fresh...I used tinned)
chopped cherry tomatoes
steamed haricots verts (which I discovered when googled are French green beans)
chopped hard boiled eggs
boiled (or steamed)  new potatoes
chopped cantaloupe (we call them rockmelons)

I added:
some cooked butter beans and broccoli as well as the green beans
chopped gherkin
chopped avocado
chopped mint
and drizzled over some olive oil and lemon juice
salt and pepper

It was delicious!!!

If you add the cooked vegies while hot to the cold salad vegies, you end up with a yummy warm mix!

Tonight I made the salad again, omitting the tuna, but cooked some meat separately (pork).  There are so many variations and combinations you can try.  I particularly liked the sweetness of the rockmelon and raisins with the other vegies, and the crunchiness of the cashews (you could use other nuts, but cashews are my favourite).  I hope you'll try it!!

And here are a couple of inside shots of the living room in my new house.  Still organising and re-arranging...but getting there...

Bed time! Sov Gott!!


  1. I love the colours of your granny squares, they look great! :)

  2. Your new place looks great, I am glad you are all settled and enjoying your new home, may you have many, many happy years there.


  3. Beautiful photos, outside and in. I love the colours of your new living room. It looks like a wonderfully peaceful place to be. Enjoy!